Dr. Teresa Meehan

"Language is the voice of the mind. It is a reflection of the energy we hold in our consciousness and emerges as our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors."

To Be Real, or Not To Be Real: Choosing Authenticity in a “Fake it ‘til you make it” World

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To be real or not be real- Authenticity is being real

Authenticity is an old word with renewed interest. Its general meaning makes reference to something genuine or real as opposed to fake, counterfeit or unauthorized. Physical products of value are issued a “Certificate of Authenticity” to verify the origin or source. Applying the meaning to human behavior is more difficult. For centuries, philosophers and psychologists [...]

Courage Is An Act of Love, Not Strength

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Courage is an attribute that comes from the heart

Courage is an act of love, not strength. More often than not, however, the sense of the word is related to bravery rather than action taken from the heart, which was the original meaning of the word. Today, courage has become a sought after character trait people strive to achieve. Some people spend their entire [...]

Inspiration is the Breath of Life

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Inspiration is the breath of life

The thought that inspiration is the breath of life is not new. In fact, it’s embedded in our social consciousness as an artifact that dates back to the root of the word itself. The word holds a tremendous amount of power that has been diluted over time reflecting the transition of human consciousness from oneness [...]

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